Adult Leisure is made up of two components: Health Wellness and Personal Development
Both programs are designed for adults (19 and older) with developmental disabilities to learn about self-advocacy, attend
educational classes and enjoy social activities.

Classes are offered on life skills topics such as cooking, communication, social skills, friendship, and dating. Small and large
group recreational activities are held year round, including dances, theater and concert outings, art classes, and discussion

Self-advocacy meetings are held monthly to help individuals develop skills in speaking for themselves and making decisions
about their lives.

For more information, call us at 402-346-5220 to learn about the application process and how to receive a newsletter which will give you details on each of the monthly events.  Please also check us out at Facebook (@olliewebbcenter) and Instagram (@olliewebbcenterinc).

  • Large Group Events
    Bringing people together for social activities and fun, our events have included: -Swimming -Sweetheart Dance -Bingo night -Picnics -Dinners...
  • Lunch and Movie
    It’s a perfect Saturday afternoon escape. Hanging out with friends while watching the latest DVD releases on a large...
  • Food and Friends
    Prepare a delicious dinner from scratch with your friends. Bon Appetit!...
  • Classes
    Circles I, Circles II, Date Smart, Anger Management and other classes for adults are offered periodically throughout the year....

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