Educational Program

Continuing Education

Ollie Webb Center, Inc.’s full-time continuing education program has become one of our finest programs, offering people with developmental disabilities an option to broaden their vocational skills in an academic setting. Originally designed as a post-secondary educational choice for young adults leaving high school, it is now available for students of any age. It is also a place for adults to explore their academic and creative interests as they secure an independent lifestyle within the community.

Classes include science, history and civics, in addition to those that help students with skills like budgeting, math, and reading comprehension. In addition, attention is paid to general social skills, which gives students a sense of how to behave professionally in a vocational setting. Also included are courses that try to provide students with an opportunity to explore their artistic sides, such as playwriting and comic book illustrating, through the Art of Imagination program. Coursework can be done in a variety of settings i.e., individual lessons, group and classroom settings.

Participants meet Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily. For a tour of our educational program, please contact us at 402-346-5220.

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