Independent Living

We offer a lifetime of support and assistance, from diagnosis to education and beyond. Our care and concern encompasses the whole family, with networking, activities, and services accessible to all.

Every parent’s goal is to see their child able to maximize their potential. For someone with a developmental disability, it may take a little more time and training to prepare them for a life away from home. Our specialists teach how to manage money, go out to eat and act appropriately in a professional setting. And when they’re ready, Ollie Webb Center, Inc. is there to help adults live on their own and thrive in their workplaces.

Independent Living
This program provides instruction in the individual’s own home (apartment or house) or for those individuals who live with their families. The independent living instructors provide education, training and support to maintain or increase independent living skills.

These skills may include money management, health and safety, interpersonal relations, career enhancement and development, community awareness, recreational skills, nutrition, hygiene and leisure.

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