It can be an overwhelming process for parents as they raise a child with developmental disabilities. That is where Ollie Webb Center, Inc. can help. We can match parents with other parents who have faced similar circumstances, be a resource when it comes to maximizing benefits and educational opportunities, and provide support for life’s twists and turns. Turn to us when you have questions, need to talk to someone about how to handle a difficult situation or want to know you’re not alone.



Childhood is a special time and we want to make sure it is full of rich and wonderful memories, with annual easter egg hunts or a fishing trips. To foster peer acceptance during those difficult teenage years, there are mentorship opportunities to match an adolescent with someone in his or her school. And when it’s time to go out into the world, there are classes to teach you how to pay your bills, go grocery shopping, even help you land a job and train you for success at every step.


Social Opportunities

  • Annual Events
  • Basketball League
  • Annual Playwriting Festival
  • Book Club
  • Group Outings
  • Peer Mentoring

Independent Living

Every parent’s goal is to see their child able to maximize his or her potential. For someone with a developmental disability, it may take a little more time and training to prepare them for a life away from home. Our specialists teach how to manage money, go out to eat and act appropriately in a professional setting. And when they’re ready, Ollie Webb Center, Inc. is there to help adults live on their own and thrive in their workplaces.