Ultimate Life

The Ultimate Life (UL) Program addresses the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 18 and older. The program enables them to participate in social activities of their choices without being accompanied by parents or in large groups of people with developmental disabilities.

Individuals participate in planned small group activities or may be accompanied on a one-on-one basis (unless they choose to invite others) to an activity of their choice. Well-trained employees accompany them to the activities. All Ultimate Life Companions go through criminal background checks and are processed through both adult and child protective registries.

Companions transport the members of their individual groups (3 persons with developmental disabilities to one Ultimate Life Companion) to and from the designated activity. Companions contact their group members the night before the activity to clarify what time they will be by to pick them up and remind them of the money that needs to be brought to the activity.

Individuals registered with the Ultimate Life Program receive a monthly calendar of small group activities to choose from. Individuals then contact the Ultimate Life Program Coordinator to make reservations for the activities desired. Reservations are on a first-call-first-served basis.

Costs: The Ultimate Life Program is a fee-based program that allows individuals with disabilities to make important decisions about their lives and experience the things that make the alive and whole. There is an initial registration fee and shared costs of Companion time and mileage.

In an effort to keep costs down as much as possible, the Ultimate Life Program activities are structured so that three individuals can share the cost of one companion. A group event results in significant savings in Companion fees when compared to an individual event.

When considering an event, it is good to look at the costs associated with the event. The costs are indicated with each event listed on the monthly calendar. The total amount for the event includes:

  • The activity price (meal, movie ticket, etc.) Bring this amount in cash the day of event
  • Companion cost Expense billed monthly
  • Mileage cost Expense billed monthly

To Register for the UL Program:

  1. Complete an application form 
  2. Return completed form along with $50 registration fee to: Ollie Webb Center, Inc., 1941 S. 42nd St., Suite 122, Omaha, NE 68105

Pay the $50 fee online using the link below:

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