Just Friends Logo no tag - 3 colorJust Friends is a peer mentoring program focused primarily with adolescents ages 13-18 with developmental disabilities and their peers.

This program grants the opportunity to participate in social and recreational activities together. This program is open to anyone and benefits both sides of the friendship greatly because that is exactly what it is, a friendship. Training is offered for anyone who is interested but does not have any previous experience. Through Just Friends, adolescents get the chance to get to know, accept, and appreciate individuals who are different from themselves. Adolescents with developmental disabilities benefit by feeling included by their peers, and by learning and experiencing age-appropriate social interaction. Adolescents without disabilities learn mentoring skills and have the opportunity to do meaningful volunteer work. Staff members provide support to participants, offer a monthly social event and provide educational classes for adolescents with developmental disabilities.

Best Buddies picks up during the college ages, matching a college student with an Ollie Webb Center young adult.  The program offers group activities and the chance to hang out individually, preventing social isolation and more modeling of life skills.



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